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Our service is 100% Safe and works after Nov. 2018 Instagram Update!

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1.Select Package

Select how many likes you wish to get for each and every post you will make.You can choose from 50 up to 3500 likes...

2.Select Subscription

Choose the duration of your subscription circle,from 1 day to 1 month.

3.Use your umbrella

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Why you need to buy Instagram automatic likes

All large and small business holders can enhance their product sales if they purchase Instagram likes. When you make your account on Instagram, it is relatively hard to make it famous. Purchasing likes are the finest way to start your account efficiently.

Likewise, if you have additional followers and likes on Instagram, you can easily make your product consciousness and get solid proof so you can influence other individuals. Additional likes on Instagram can increase your trustworthiness among your competitors. Thus, what are you waiting for?


Likes we send Daily:

Is the Autolikesig service safe?

By using the Autolikesig service, we assure that your privacy and accounts are totally safe and we do not use your data with other parties. So, no one will distinguish that you have used the service of Autolikesig. Additionally, we frequently have clients questioning if Instagram management will disable their account if they take help from such facilities. We can arrogantly say that in our numerous ages of business we have not ever, not once, had any report on a problem of this kind.

How is this "Auto Likes" service working?

Our service is subscription based(1 day,1 week,15 days,1 month subscription).After you complete the payment,we will add your account to our server.Our server will check for new posts on your profile every 10-50 minutes.If we find a new post we will add it to our Instagram likes server and we will start sending likes to your post.That’s all!

How can i upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can let us know it by clicking here and contact us.

One of our representatives will contact back to you and help you.

When will my service start?

After you complete the payment,we will need some time to add your profile to our server and setup your subscription.This usually take 30 – 60 minutes. Then we will send you an email to inform you that you are ready to begin!

If you haven’t receive this email:

1) Please check your spam folder.

2) If it is weekend we might be unable to start it within 1 hour,but we will start it asap!

3) Some of you will be from different time zones,therefore we will serve you with some delay,but again we will start is asap!!

I post but i didn't get my likes yet,why?

Because although we do our best to keep it fast and reduce server downtime,it is necessary to update so it will be a delay some times.Also some times Instagram is not allowing our server to check for your latest post every 10-20 minutes and we must wait and check every 30-40 minutes.That can cause delay on your delivery.

Do you need my password?Can my profile be private?

We will never ask you for your password but you must have your profile public!

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More Questions about Instagram Auto Likes service?

Buy Automatic likes

The Automatic Instagram likes effect

The Instagram Circle is growing by leafs and bounds. If you are not a part of this rat race till now, you are missing a big opportunity to promote your business. Our company realizes the complexity of using Instagram. To help your business grow, we are providing you’re an opportunity for gaining leverage within this community. Enjoy prolific benefits to your followership. Yes, you can enjoy all this without much effort. All you need to do is buy IG likes and buy Instagram auto likes.

The Automatic Instagram likes can pave your road to success. Just decide how you want to integrate them, and we will create management solutions for you. We are willing to do this juggling act for your convenience.

What are Auto Likes

Hands free likes!

The Auto likes can be defined as the hands off social media promotion. With the help of such services, you can easily manage and track your progress. It`s all hands off completely automated system. When you buy from us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. With our experienced social media experts, we take your Instagram profiles to a whole new level.

Our Methods are tested

100% Safe

We don`t believe in False advertisements. We are looking forward to creating long lasting relationships instead of jacking our clients. To provide our customers with better, we test our auto likes on Instagram from time to time. Promoting yourself on social media is an important puzzle of online advertisement. We are here to help you see a major increase in your social traffic. Yes, we work with you by providing you the most intriguing options. Buy Auto Likes from us and see your influence growing day by day. A small step sometimes plays as the distance between your success and failure. So beware!

What makes us the Best?

Our Support...

We have designed our packages to fit every budget. We are proud to say we deliver you fast professional support online. Clients around the globe snap all our services. Buy Auto likes on Instagram with us and builds a professional image of your business. Improve your image and boost your traffic. Do all this with the help of a company companion. We don`t only provide you with services, but we also answer your queries 24/7. We provide you lightning fast delivery with the most affordable prices. Below are a few reasons why your need to consider us.

How to get more likes on instagram?

Take a look to our Manual Instagram likes packages for some extra boost to your older posts with safe and secure methods!

Learn How!


Our company offers you both automatic and manual likes. We provide you with auto likes using safe techniques. Yes, when you get auto instagram likes from us, you don`t have to worry about your account.

We will never ask for your password or other relevant information. Just point your requirements, and we will see it to our end.

As we will not ask you for your account access, we won`t mass follow you in order to get a few support backs.

We don`t provide you only with services. We provide you with the ultimate convenience of doing business. Just Order your Automatic Instagram Likes and leave everything to us. We will provide you only with the best service.

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